Healthcare On Blockchain

Global platform for healthcare benefit administration and payments.


How is blockchain impacting the healthcare industry?

Blockchain as a technology has become quite a popular phenomenon today. Dubbed as one of the revolutionary inventions of the 21st century, the blockchain technology has gradually disrupted almost every other industry on the planet, and the healthcare sector is no exception.

Improving drug traceability

After the first stage of the drug manufacturing process, the production stocks are transferred to the wholesale distributors who then transfer it to the retail companies that eventually sell it to the consumers.

Patient data management

Healthcare systems around the world have witnessed many high profile cyber-attacks over the last few years.

Clinical trials

Pharmaceutical companies spend in billions on clinical trials and a non-conclusive outcome may result in huge losses to every party involved in the process, right from the investigator to the consumer.

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Purpose of the platform



Improve access to care



Administer healthcare more efficiently



Pay providers for results accurately and on time



Improve outcomes and reduce overall costs

What exactly is YOC APP?

According to the official website, YOC APP is a “fully decentralized platform. Its main function is an opportunity to create and place smart contracts and the decentralized applications on its basis.

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Why blockchain for healthcare?

Blockchain technology allows for transparent, peer-managed, secure data tracking across computing devices, and creates a public, chronological database.

What is YOC-App ?

YOC-App is a wide-scale solution that allows companies to accept cryptocurrency as a payment mode in real-time as an integrated solution in their existing businesses.

  • Our Mission

    To create a market place with global reach To provide a most secure and trusted platform.

  • Our Vision

    To lead the blockchain revolution in order to create a global crypto marketplace.

  • The Future

    Smart contracts are typically automatic and irrevocable. Once initiated, the outcomes for which a smart contract is encoded to perform cannot usually be stopped.

YOC-App Tokens Details


Token Symbol



540 Million

Circulating Supply

540 Million

Total Supply

Token Key Features

Powerful and Absolutely Secure YOC-App Token.

100% Secure

Unlike regular software, though, smart contracts are often directly in charge of assets, and once they are written to a blockchain, they cannot be changed.


Smart contracts are a form of automated contracts that use pre-defined rules to facilitate the exchange of nearly any good or service.


Data encryption aims to protect digital data confidentiality as it is stored on computer systems and transmitted using the internet or other computer networks.

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